Welcome to Health From The Heart

Eckhart Tolle and many other people who are pioneers on World Change through a shift in World Consciousness, believe our World is faced with a radical crisis where our old ways of this world no longer work.

It’s time for us to rise above the limitations through an evolutionary leap, and Health From The Heart is ready to meet this challenge.

It’s a challenge to help everyone, for you to bring about a shift in consciousness to awaken, and be the change to a new world, a better new future!


What are Be The Change Cards?


Inspirational cards that will enable you to be part of the change in this world by simply following the beautiful message each card beholds & the amazing paying it forward adventure you are embarking on.


There are 52 cards, that’s one for each week for you to absorb and take action driven by the cards.


The cards have been designed to fit into your pocket &/or wallet so you may carry it wherever you may go as a beautiful constant reminder that you are being part of THE Change, you have started a ripple effect.


Why are these cards for you?


The actions of one person can make a great difference in this world. Just as dropping a pebble in a pond will create a ripple effect, so you can do the same with a kind word, thought or action. Would you like more kindness and thoughtfulness in your community?
Then it must start with YOU!

Become part of the solution to heal your community and change how we think for the better.